Chris McKinney SAG/AFTRA

N.Y.C. 646.481-9001

About Me

I have the rare experience of being born and raised in NYC

Moved to Greenwich Village from the Bronx in the 70's when New York still had rooftop pigeon coops and kids played stoop ball in the street. Although I come from a family of Jazz musicians and spent my childhood exposed to various art forms, the dramatic arts would be my calling.

A Juilliard graduate 35 years in the business.

During which time my work has been featured in many stage, film and television productions. ​My three years in London added some BBC credits to my CV. I also returned the proud father of two children who inspire me greatly.

I work from the heart and bring my truth to every role.

My approach to the creative process is to first connect to my self both emotionally and physically, always asking, "how do I feel?", "how do I apply it to my character" and "why, why, why?"

Contact me by email or call me at 646.481.9001